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Tangerine Dreams

The lyrics of this 1967 song that fueled the airwaves and played on record players spoke about this warm and succulent color…TANGERINE

You were my tangerine dream
My everything
It was all a fantasy
My tangerine dream

But it wasn’t a fantasy for me, my dream came true… a set of 6 fabulous tangerine Parsons’ dining room chairs. It was as if they had fallen from the sky and landed around my glass Parsons’ dining room table. The color made the room feel as it had been touched by Hephaestus, the Greek God of fire. The contrast between this magnificent French Normandy Manor house* and the modernity of the furnishings was simply divine!

Burke Interior Design can create heavenly rooms for you.

*The French Normandy Manor house was brought piece by piece to America and reassembled by a legion of master craftsman.